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Lead your team on a 3 Week Wellness Journey in just 10 minutes a day!
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Doctor Office

The American Medical Association reports that
is the cause of 60% of all ALL human illness.

This results in

360 Million Lost Work Days
$300 Billion in Lost Revenue

every year in the United States alone. 

Which is why 73% of employers increased their behavioral health investment in 2021.

What is it costing YOUR business?

Ready to STOP living in an energy draining office and start building positive momentum again? 
Get instant access to my TOP Corporate Mindfulness Strategy for just $147 (Regularly

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Get instant access to the full program today for just $147

Here's exactly what you'll get inside 3 Weeks of Corporate Wellness:


  • 3 Week Wellness Plan - An easy to follow plan with daily mindfulness activities designed to promote self care and team bonding. 

  • Engaging Activities - From simple meditations to sticky note challenges,  these exercises are designed to give your team positive experiences to share.

  • Video Training - I'll walk you through each day, the lessons and activities, and explain how to facilitate them with your team.

  • Adaptability - These activities can be facilitated in office or easily modified for online use.

  • eGuide - Literally everything spelled out for you!

  • Quick Reference Guide- Calendar format for easy reference.

Here's what it looks like inside:

Week 1: Mindfulness

Week 2: Kindness

Week 3: Finding Joy


Mindful MondayStart the week with a quick Meditation video (included).

Transformation Tuesday - Enjoy a themed activity designed to bring thoughtful smiles.

Wellness Wednesday - Take a quick Stretch Break to work out the kinks.

Thankful Thursday - Gratitude exercises that bring your team closer.

Feel Good Friday - Share the love with your team.

Total Value of 3 Weeks of Corporate Wellness = $567

Retail Price After You Leave This Page = $199

Get it all today for only $147!!

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Winter Springs

"Emily thanks for being the incredible human you are. No words can express how you make me feel anytime I'm in your class. You empower and bring out things in me I didn't even know were there."


What my clients are saying!

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Oh Hey! I’m Emily!


I’m a Yoga Health Coach, who has helped over 14,000 people find the best version of themselves! If you’re like me, nothing ever comes easy, and it helps to have a guide. I can show you step by step just what to do. Let me be your guide on this journey to wellness!


I’ve always led an active lifestyle, but after a nasty, crippling accident, I was left in a wheelchair. I started to gain weight and gave up hope of ever leading a *FUN* life again. It would have been easier to quit. I almost did. But instead, I decided to create a solution. I committed to my health, and made my come back, and SO CAN YOU!! Along the way I've overcome Diabetes, Severe Hypertension, Insomnia, tumors and more, and I've dedicated my life to helping others do it too.


Let’s call it what it is, corporate life is stressful. You're pulled in lots of different directions every day, trying to collaborate with others who are all trying to reach their own targets and cover their butts! It can be intense! I created this program to help create a positive corporate culture, one with less stress, more cooperation, and more productivity. I didn't even realize at the time that the major benefits to the company would be reduced lost work days, reduced overall healthcare expenses, and increased revenue! It was a BONUS for doing the right thing, helping people! This program is for companies that care about their employees AND their bottom line! 

I got you!

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Access the mini course instantly and see for yourself.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you implement the steps in this training but are not able to manage your office stress levels better, I'll give you your $147 back.


That's how confident I am that the 3 Weeks of Corporate Wellness program will help you.


100% Money Back Guaranteed.

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