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bZen Wellness Journey

10 minutes of Self Care a day to upgrade your whole life! 

bZen Wellness Journey

Ready to reduce your STRESS and find REAL JOY?

Join me on the bZen Wellness Journey! 

This 12 week program is designed to help you reboot your lifestyle choices

and get back on the path to living your BEST life! 

The videos and activities are easy to follow, and it just takes 10 minutes a day
to create a NEW Self care plan that WORKS!!

Doctor Office

The American Medical Association reports that
is the cause of 60% of all ALL human illness.

😲33 % of Americans report feeling extreme stress.
🤕77 % of Americans experience stress that affects their physical health.
😖73 % of Americans have stress that impacts their mental health.
😩48 % of Americans have trouble sleeping because of stress.

  • Substance Abuse

  • Eating Disorders

  • Sleep Deficiency

  • Relationship Problems

  • Work Issues

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  • Heart Disease

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Headaches

  • Diabetes

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

bZen Wellness Journey includes
bZen Wellness Journey brings joy
bZen Wellness Journey includes

What is it costing YOU?
Would you like some help with that?

Inside the Challenge
Putting wellness at the forefront of your lifestyle means daily check ins that are engaging AND don't interfere with business as usual. We break this down into bite sized pieces that are interesting, educational, and can be engaged when it's convenient for you. Here's what a typical week looks like...

Mindful Monday

  • Affirmation of the Week

  • Meditation Video

  • Mindful Matters

Topical Tuesday

  • Weekly Health Topic Discussions

  • Topic Quiz or Activity


Wellness Wednesday

  • Meditation Practice

  • Yoga Class Video

Thankful Thursday

  • Gratitude Inquiry

  • Online Support Community


Feel Good Friday

  • Promote Rest & Relaxation

  • Share Fun Adventures

Celebrate Saturday

  • Celebrate Personal Achievements

  • Share Aha Moments

Reflection Sunday

  • Journal on Weekly Lessons

Treat Yourself to health & Wellness
bZen Wellness Journey topics include

Your Wellness Journey....

We'll explore weekly objectives which will cover diet, exercise, and mindfulness topics like Finding Balance and Creating joy. There will be a meditation and/or yoga practice, as well as quizzes and activities, and reflection journaling. 


Yoga & Meditation videos will be introduced every week that you can practice on your own time. Yoga practices range from Yin Stretch, to Cool Flow, to Yoga Sculpt with Weights. for a perfect blend of Power & Peace. Meditation styles include simple focus exercises, to breathwork, to visualization practices.


We have a private Facebook group, where we share recipes, workouts, homework and ideas, as well as different inspirational videos and articles. Stay accountable for your progress by posting and sharing your experience with the group.

The nutrition part of the program starts with a 3 Week Challenge that includes food journaling, and a nutrition re-balance, which will boost your metabolism and help you determine the diet free lifestyle that supports your goals.


The fitness part of the program is a progressive training plan that meets you where you are currently at to optimize cardiovascular and muscular strength in a fun way! You'll learn several different style of Yoga and will receive videos you can practice anytime!


The mindfulness part gives you the tools you need to finally realize your true potential! Learn the benefits of setting meaningful goals, how to reach them, and how to overcome obstacles along the way. You'll create your own Wellness Plan and navigate the Layers of Happiness along your way.

The bZen Wellness Journey takes you on the health adventure you need to lower your stress and create a life you LOVE to live!

Take the bZen Wellness Journey today for ONLY $197

This training costs $1997 in my one-on-one coaching program. 

Yes. YOU. Can. Live the Life you want!!

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What my students are saying!


Winter Springs

"Emily thanks for being the incredible human you are. No words can express how you make me feel anytime I'm in your class. You empower and bring out things in me I didn't even know were there."

money back guarantee
safe checkout guarantee
Take the trip and see for yourself...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you implement the steps in this training but are not able to see improvements in your health and wellness, I'll give you your money back.


That's how confident I am that the bZen Wellness Journey will help you on your path.


100% Money Back Guaranteed.

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