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Yoga Coaching

Are you new to Yoga and struggling to

figure out where to start??

YES! I need a Yoga Coach!

Start your Yoga Journey on the right foot with Yoga Coaching.


  • Start living healthier and feeling better today.

  • Learn the ins and outs of the poses and which ones are right for you.

  • Get expert advice on safe Modifications.

  • Gain the confidence to practice Yoga anywhere.

  • Stay in the work with a personalized plan.

We'll meet one-on-one via Zoom to talk about YOUR Yoga.

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Every BODY has been on a different journey, and so Yoga looks different on everyone! With your unique circumstances in mind, we'll go over which styles will work best for you.


You'll learn everything you need to know to start practicing safely and receiving the many mind/body health benefits of this ancient practice. Learn all about the poses and safe transitions, and what to look for in a well structured class.

We'll practice together, so you can ask questions and get real live feedback on your practice. You'll receive invaluable modification advice to keep your practice safe and strong.

You'll receive OHM-work and a plan to help you reach your goals.

YES! I need a Yoga Coach!
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Oh Hey! I’m Emily!

I’m a Yoga Lifestyle Coach, who has helped over 10,000 people find the best version of themselves! If you’re like me, nothing ever comes easy, and it helps to have a guide. I can show you step by step just what to do. Let me be your guide on your journey to weight loss and wellness! I promise you’ll feel so much better!



I’ve always led an active lifestyle, but after a nasty, crippling accident, I was left in a wheelchair... I started to gain weight and give up hope of ever leading a *FUN* life again. It would have been easier to quit. I almost did. But instead, I decided to create a solution. I made my come back, and SO CAN YOU!!


Let’s call it what it is, life is pretty hard right now. All of our usual ways of being have been changed over and over again, and it’s all too easy to get behind on your goals. I created this program for people who just need a boost in the right direction. They need someone to help them get back on track and get REAL results.  

Here's What You Get

  • 75 min Zoom Coaching Call that includes:

       - 20 mins inquiry

       - 45 mins Yoga practice

       - 10 mins discussion


  • Recorded Session to Playback

  • Personalized OhmWork Plan


  • 2 Yoga Videos


  • 3 Week 30 min Follow Up Zoom Coaching Call

$235 Value

Only $150

YES! I need a Yoga Coach!
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Let me HELP YOU start your Yoga journey on the right path!


I'll show you everything you need to start practicing Yoga so you can finally receive the amazing benefits everyone is always talking about!


When you sign up, you'll be emailed my calendar right away, so you can choose a day and time that work for you. Once you've confirmed a date, you'll receive an inquiry form so I can get to know your unique situation a little better.


Then we'll meet online where you'll receive personalized attention as you learn to get the most out of your practice. We'll practice together, and I'll give you my best recommendations moving forward. We'll touch bases a few weeks later to make sure it's working out for you, and I can offer you more advice for a healthy practice.


Yoga is for Every Body. Yoga is for YOU! I can't wait to show you how!!


Let me know when you can make it...



YES! I need a Yoga Coach!