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Return h-OHM

We've been reflecting alot lately on growth and mindset, and working through the muddy messy parts of it. And there's something really important I wanted to share about the process...

You know how when your computer has alot of windows open it gets slow and sluggish and not optimal? Then you reboot it and it's back to normal??

Your brain does that too!

So make a habit of rebooting your brain!!

In Yoga we call it Pratyahara and it's actually quite an important practice, one of the original 8 Limbs of Yoga. The literal translation is "Withdrawing the Senses."

In this practice, we are called to Return hOHM, to leave the distractions and noise of the big world, and bring our awareness back to our own consciousness, so we can focus our energy on creating the future we want to see.

This means turning off the devices, closing your eyes, and ears, and redirecting your energy back to yourself! Reflecting on what it is you hope to see and hope to be in the upcoming season.

We live our lives pulled in a thousand different directions, no wonder our energy gets scattered!

Meditation is Key when it comes to withdrawing the senses. If you've been in my classes then we've already chatted about how your breath brings you back to the center. Always.

Join me for a transformative Body Scan Meditation session and experience the profound connection between mind and body as you draw your awareness inward.

Body Scan Meditation

Mindfully explore and release tension in every inch of your body, fostering a deep sense of relaxation and self-awareness.

It's time to return hOHM . I recommend creating a cozy quite space for yourself, and taking some time to reflect and journal on your goals. Reboot your brain in peace and realign your energy for this next Season of Growth.

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