Yoga Classes

Beginners Yoga

Welcome to Yoga! I'll tell you everything you need to know to start your practice! Detailed instruction for correct form and movement to help you live your healthiest life! Benefits include enhanced circulation, strength, and mobility.

Chair Yoga

Modified Yoga for support and stability. Chair Yoga offers all of the benefits of yoga AND is safer on your joints! This is a full class that YOU can do! Increase your cardiovascular integrity, reduce stress levels, and get your workout in too!

Current Studio Schedule

Please be patient as I rebuild my schedule after the pandemic. You can always take On Demand Classes at anytime by clicking here. :)

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Cool Flow Yoga

Cool Flow Yoga is a traditional, all levels Vinyasa style class that combines traditional yoga poses in a fun safe sequence. Students work on strength, balance, flexibility, and breathwork. 

Home Office Express

Turns out we work from home really well! Too well! It's important to take quick stretch breaks! This quick 20 minute express class increases brain function, and spinal integrity for my friends who stare at a screen alot!! 

Family Yoga

Family bonding through strength and peace. Flow together, create a practice together. Find joy together. The key word here is TOGETHER!! You will be challenged in this class....together!

Foam Rolling Yin

Feels so good. Benefits of Foam Rolling include enhanced skin elasticity, busting up cellulite, maximizing muscle growth, compressing out toxins. This class is perfect for athletes, AND everyone who wants to reduce tension.

Kids Yoga

Children are the future. Let's give them the tools they need to be happy, healthy people. By challenging them physically, and offering them valuable mindfulness training, you and I can make the world a better place.

Power Yoga

Cool Power Yoga is like Cool Flow Yoga's big sister, still the same classes structure, but with some advanced poses, and a kickin core component to get the job done!

But still in the A/C, cause.... air.

Yin Yoga

A slow deep stretch class designed to reduce joint pain and promote relaxation. This is an excellent compliment to your usual workout routine.

Yoga Sculpt & Weights

This class infuses safe yoga movement with the benefits of resistance training, including increased bone density, accelerated metabolism, and weight loss.

Warrior WOD

Hardcore and quick for those who need to get stuff done! 

20 minutes Yoga warmup

20 minutes strength training

5 minutes Meditation