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Basic Yoga Flow

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Are you ready to begin your Yoga Journey? Or looking for a deeper knowledge of Basic Yoga Flow? When I started yoga, I had no idea what I was doing, so i practiced at home in my living room for several YEARS before I build up the nerve to go to a studio! I was so BAD at yoga and wish I had someone to just teach me the basics. Which is why I'm here! teach YOU everything you need to know to safely practice yoga and confidently walk into a studio and roll out your yoga mat! Come with me and learn the basic Yoga poses used in almost every class, in every studio across the country! We'll discuss the proper alignment of each pose, safety concerns and modifications, the health benefits and more. I'll show you how to put the poses together in the most common sequence taught by every flow yoga teacher! We can practice together as you get the hang of it, and you'll receive a video you can practice every day. Cultivate a life of power and peace with your new Basic Yoga Flow.

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Single Payment
2 Plans Available
From $150.00/month


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