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These are the MUST HAVE products that I keep on stock, all the time to help me on my wellness journey. If you've ever asked me for a specific recommendation, chances are the answer is one of these!! 

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EuroSpa Eucalyptus Shower Spray is always in use in my house! First of all, it smells divine! AND the bathrooms smell like a spa! Even the teenage boys bathroom! More importantly though, eucalyptus clears the sinuses and respiratory systems. So after a long day of teaching yoga, or being around people, this is a good way to neutralize any funk, and also relax like I'm at the spa! It' a little pricey, but it lasts forever.

Several times a year, I start to feel bloated and just kinda...full. The Shaklee cleanse completely resets my system, reduces cravings, improves sleep, and jump starts weight loss. It has carefully selected supplements in convenient daily packets with a step-by-step guide and diet plan. I always have one in my cabinet.

shaklee cleanse.jpg
shaklee collagen.png

I use this in my tea every single morning. Collagen promotes healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. It helps hold our body together by anchoring cells to each other, providing both structure and strength to our skin, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Ever commented on how long my finger nails are? This is why!

Some days it just all hurts. The only thing that will help is a hot soak in the tub with these amazing bath flakes by Naturopathica. The sweet birch and magnesium calm and soothe even the most exhausted yoga teacher! I come out pain free and relaxed, ready to sleep like an angel!

Everything hurts and I feel like I'm dying... until I use my Theragun. After teaching 16 yoga classes a week, hitting the gym, and running my life, my muscles are so sore. So twice a week I take a few minutes to work it out with my Theragun. Yes, I know, there's other cheaper ones. I tried them, they are loud and don't work as good. The Theragun Elite has this special handle, so you can easily get your own back, glutes, and hamstrings. I take it with me every where I go. For real! 


When I first had kids I made a commitment to live cleaner. I started using Shaklee cleaners because they were harmless, eco-friendly, and they did a great job. Best of all they're concentrated so it's cheaper overall and I'm not paying for water. Almost 20 years later and my green home is healthy as can be! I use everything from the surface cleaner, dishwasher detergent, to laundry detergent, and fabric softener. The coconut oil based hand soap kept my hands soft and clean through the whole pandemic and still looking young!! 

With my most recent health journey I discovered that I wasn't drinking nearly enough water. Don't get me wrong, I drink a bunch of water, just not enough. So I got this 1 Liter water bottle bottle to help. I know I need to fill it up and drink it twice a day. And it' working! My numbers have been stabilizing and I won't need medication. :) 

I keep this water bottle by my bed every night, so if I wake up thirsty I can quickly easily take a few sips and return to dream land.

shaklee electrolytes.png

It's so critically important to stay hydrated, so I always have this electrolyte on hand. I get it by the tub and in the to go packs just to be sure I don't wither away during my busy day! 

When you work out alot, you need protein to fuel your muscles. I try to get most of my protein through plant based sources like this one, which is yummy chocolate and I love it! The French Vanilla is good too! I use them either with Oat Milk or as a base for smoothies! 

shalkee protein.png
shaklee youth.jpg

This is my face soap and I love it. The YOUTH skin care collection offers clinically proven products created in harmony with nature. It dramatically improves the health of my skin, AND it's 100% guaranteed to shift skin to a younger age. I'm in! AND it's concentrated so lasts forever.

These snack bars are always in my backpack. They go a long way to curb hunger and keep the munchies at bay. A good source of protein and fiber, to keep you feeling fuller longer.

shaklee snack bars.png
shaklee immunity.png

The very first thing I have every day is my immunity booster. It's a great-tasting berry-flavored drink mix, packed with vitamins C and D, zinc, plant-based adaptogens, elderberry, and more. Supports, boosts, and defends my immune system so I can go out there and spread the Health!

This is the ProSante shampoo and conditioner I use. They are chemically safe for your body and keep my hair light and clean, so it grows healthy and strong. And it smells nice too!

shaklee shampoo.jpg
shaklee conditioner.jpg

These are my favorite incense sticks to clear the air and reset the energy in my home. I love the smell of healing Palo Santo and these are ethically sourced, eco-friendly and long burning. Plus, they keep the mosquitos away, so no need to spray dangerous chemicals around!

Pillow. System. Yep. You read that right. On my days off, or during recovery, I will reach for this first and build myself a nice comfy pillow fort. 

It turns out MOST sleep issues are a result of insufficient Magnesium, which is best absorbed through the skin. This spray is a sleep saver, I use it every night.

My Favorite Books

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