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Happy For Life

  • 28Days
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Unleash YOUR joy with an easy Mindfulness plan that works WITH your busy schedule. By following a few simple guidelines, YOU CAN take charge of your wellness goals and start to enjoy the activities that make you happy again. This course dives into mindset, meditation, and mindfulness including: - Mindfulness Tracker to help you stay on track - Mindfulness Training to help you adopt a healthier mindset - A.M. Yoga Stretch video you can practice at home - Yoga Methodology Training with ancient wisdom - Guide to the Yamas - Guide to the Niyamas - Meditation Training and Videos to learn why it's so important to practice - Discovering Life Goals to create YOUR meaningful life and start taking action today - Guide to The 4 Agreements - 7 Daily Affirmation Cards - Yoga Class Checklist Find YOUR smile today, and create a life you LOVE to live!

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