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The bZen Health Club offers two levels of service

to help you reach your goals! 

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  • bZen Yoga Club

    Every month
    Your NEW Wellness Community
    • One LIVE Online Yoga Class Per Week
    • One LIVE Online Meditation Class Per Week
    • Unlimited Access to Video Library
    • Monthly Facebook LIVE Coaching Ask-All Sessions
    • Weekly Health Goals for Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness
    • Private Facebook Group for Members Only
    • Invitation to Member Only Group Challenges
    • Invitation to Member Only Online Health Centric Events
    • 1hr one-on-one Onboarding Coaching Call
  • bZen VIP+ Club

    Every month
    YOUR Personalized Path to Wellness
    • Weekly LIVE Online Yoga Class
    • Weekly LIVE Online Meditation Class
    • Private Facebook Group for VIP Members Only
    • Monthly Facebook LIVE Coaching Ask-All Sessions
    • TWO Monthly FUN Group Zoom Coaching Sessions
    • Weekly Health Goals for Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness
    • Admission to Bi-Monthly Group Challenges with Prizes!
    • VIP BOX with Special Quarterly Online Events
    • Unlimited Access to Video Library
    • 1-on-1 Onboarding Coaching Call
  • Corporate Wellness

    Every month
    Create a corporate culture of Wellbeing.
    • Yoga Classes
    • Meditation Classes
    • Weekly Newsletter with Wellness Goals
    • Health Challenges
    • Online Coaching
    • Cool Prizes!
  • bZen App

    Every month
    Your daily dose of Zen
    • Unlimited Yoga Classes
    • Chakra of the Month
    • Pose of the Month
    • Yoga Lesson of the Week
    • Inspirational Quote of the Day
    • Wellness Tip of the Day
    • Meditation of the Day
    • Monthly Wellness Challenges
    • Daily Stretch Program