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Yoga Lifestyle Reboot

Reboot your wellness goals

with this group accountability program!

Next Challenge starts January 1, 2023

Virtual Team Meeting

Ready to start living better?

Join the bZen Yoga Lifestyle Reboot!


This 12 week course is designed to help you reboot your lifestyle choices and get back on the path to living your BEST life!!


Participants will receive an initial one on one consultation where together we assess your current health, nutrition, physical fitness, and stress factors, and get a general idea of your individual goals.

Meetings are held Tuesday evenings starting January 1st at 7pm on Zoom. We'll go over our weekly objectives which will cover diet, exercise, and well-being. There will be a meditation and/or yoga portion to the meeting, as well as journaling questions, and homework to reflect on. We cover topics like Life Goals, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Anti-Aging, Rewiring for Joy and more!
We have a private Facebook group, where we share recipes, workouts, homework and ideas, as well as different inspirational videos and articles. Stay accountable for your progress by posting and sharing your experience with a fun group of like-minded individuals, all on the same journey. 

The nutrition part of the program starts with food journaling, and then a nutrition re-balance, which will boost your metabolism and help you determine the diet free lifestyle that supports your goals.


The fitness part of the program is a progressive training plan that meets you where you are currently at to optimize cardiovascular and muscular strength in a fun way! You'll learn several different style of Yoga and will receive videos you can practice anytime!


The wellness portion gives you the tools you need to finally realize your true potential! Learn the benefits of Meditation, and practice several different types that you can use everyday to stay centered and well!

Yes. YOU. Can. Live the Life you want!!

12 Week Program
includes a cozy comfort welcome gift
Challenge starts January 1st.
Register in advance to schedule your one-on-one coaching call.

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