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Basic Yoga Flow

Learn everything you need to know to practice Yoga safely and effectively, whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years. 

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Are you ready to start your Yoga Journey?
... or ...
A student who wants more guidance?
... or ...
Not sure if you're doing it right?

... or ...
Not confident enough to walk into a studio yet?
... or ...
Want to know more about practicing safely?
... or ...
Want to be sure you are maximizing your practice?

This training is for you!

I'll teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your flow Yoga practice!

  • Most Common Yoga Poses

  • Sun Salutation Sequence

  • Benefits of each Pose

  • Safe Alignment

  • Contraindications (when you shouldn't do a pose)

  • Modifications for accessibility

  • Modifications for challenge

  • Ancient Sanskrit

  • Chakras for each pose

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Oh Hey! I’m Emily!

I’m a Yoga Health Coach and a Yoga Instructor, who has helped over 15,000 people find the best version of themselves! If you’re like me, nothing ever comes easy, and it helps to have a guide. I can show you step by step just what to do. Let me be your guide on your journey to health and wellness! I promise you’ll feel so much better!



I’ve always led an active lifestyle, but after a nasty, crippling accident, I was left in a wheelchair. I started to gain weight and give up hope of ever leading a *FUN* life again. It would have been easier to quit. I almost did. But instead, I decided to create a solution. I made my come back, and SO CAN YOU!!


Let’s call it what it is, life is pretty hard right now. All of our usual ways of being have been changed over and over again, and it’s all too easy to get behind on your goals. I created this program for people who just need a boost in the right direction. They need someone to help them get back on track and get REAL results.


By the end of this workshop, you'll know everything about Sun Salutations, and will be able to practice safely on your own, or maybe even roll out your mat in a studio near you!  

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"I did it! I went to a studio for the first time! Thank you so much for teaching me everything I needed to know.  I wasa little nervous, but I knew what I was doing and had a great practice. I even made a new yoga friend!"

- Jenna, Arizona

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"I've always wanted to try Yoga, but I am limited in what I can do. This course taught m exactly how to do the moves, and I already feel so much better! Thank you Emily!"

- Nancy, Connecticut

Here's What You'll Get Inside Basic Flow Yoga

  • Introduction to Yoga Video Series

  • Poses of Sun Salutation A

  • Poses of Sun Salutation B

  • Benefits of the Poses

  • Contraindications of Each Pose

  • Proper Alignment

  • Safety Modifications for each Pose

  • Challenging Modifications

  • How to Transitions between Poses

  • Practice the Sequences

  • 20 min. Yoga Flow Video to practice every day

Total Value of this Training  


Limited Time Offer

 ONLY $27

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Winter Springs

"Emily thanks for being the incredible human you are. No words can express how you make me feel anytime I'm in your class. You empower and bring out things in me I didn't even know were there."

What my students are saying!


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