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*Private Message from Emily Exclusively for Members of In-Flight Bliss*

I'm Revealing How to Get the MOST Benefits with an Airplane Yoga Practice:
Reduce Swelling, Bloating, Pain and Anxiety and Arrive at Your Destination Relaxed and Rejuvenated.

Ready to Transform Your Journey with The Ultimate Airplane Yoga Session?
Get My Mile-High Mobility Airplane Yoga Video for Just $17 Regularly $47

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I thought I was too busy to do the  healthy things I knew I should, but now I know I NEED this to be able to do what I love! Thank you for the guidance and inspiration EmZen!


Swelling in my feet has always been an issue for me when travelling, but since using these yoga poses, the swelling has gone down and I feel so much better when I get off the plane.

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I was able to do yoga on an airplane! My back, legs, and whole body felt so much better! I'm going to do this every time I fly!

Transform Your Journey with The Ultimate Airplane Yoga Session

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Get Instant Access to the Full Video and
A Special
 Bonus Today for Just $17

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside 

Mile-High Mobility Airplane Yoga:

Comprehensive In-Flight Wellness:
  • Your Mile-High Mobility video offers a 15-minute in-flight yoga routine specifically designed to address the physical and mental challenges of air travel. It targets issues like swelling, muscle stiffness, and anxiety, promoting a comprehensive sense of well-being during the journey.

Expertly Curated Yoga Sequences:
  • You will access carefully crafted yoga poses that focus on key areas affected by travel, providing relief and promoting flexibility even in confined spaces. The sequences are designed for accessibility, making them suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners.

Mindful Breathing Techniques:
  • The video incorporates mindful breathing practices, enhancing the benefits of each pose and promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. This aspect contributes to stress reduction, making the travel experience more enjoyable and rejuvenating.

Convenient and On-the-Go Accessibility:
  • With Mile-High Mobility, you can practice yoga anywhere, at any time, making it a convenient and accessible solution for those on the go. The video is a portable wellness resource that can be easily integrated into your travel routine, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for exploration.

Personalized Well-Being:
  • Your Mile-High Mobility video isn't just a workout; it's a personalized journey toward well-being. You will experience relief from physical discomfort and emerge from the practice with a sense of vitality, setting a positive tone for your travel adventures.




PLUS Order Now & Also Get This Amazing Bonus:

BONUS: 12 Ways to Practice Self-Care While Travelling ($47 Value)

  • Embark on a journey of self-love wherever your travels take you with '12 Ways to Practice Self-Care While Traveling.' From rejuvenating rituals to mindful moments, discover a dozen travel-friendly practices that will ensure your well-being soars alongside your adventures. Elevate your travel experience by prioritizing self-care and embracing the joy of nurturing yourself on the go!


Headshot of Emily making a heart with her hands

Hey! I'm Emily...

and I help yoga students over 40 redefine health and wellness with holistic strategies to reduce pain and anxiety so they can continue to live the active lifestyles they love, for years to come!

Time and time again my clients come to me with the same problem: every time they fly, their legs and feet swell up and they feel pain in their legs, hips, and back. Plus their digestion gets sluggish, they become bloated, and they just don't feel good. Sometimes they spend the first few days of their vacation just recovering from their flight!

If you've been trying to reduce discomfort associated with travel with comfort items, more exercise, breathing techniques, or self-help books, but aren't seeing results...


Then you probably already know how frustrating it feels to have a goal you feel so passionate about... without the guidance to reach it. 

Over the last 10 years I've been practicing Airplane Yoga like Mile-High Mobility to relieve pain and anxiety, enhance my circulation and digestion, so  ican arrive at my destination relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to explore!

And thanks to the training and resources inside this guide I'm able to maintain a consistent wellness practice, boost my energy, and reduce my pain and anxiety naturally without needing medication. 

I know first hand how AMAZING it feels to step off the airplane in a new place excited and ready for the excursions of the day! 

That's why I'm so excited to share my airplane yoga video with you inside this exclusive program, so you can enjoy this ultimate 15-minute in-flight yoga escape designed to make your travel experience as uplifting as the skies themselves!

See you inside! 


30 day guarantee

Access The Mile-High Mobility Airplane yoga Video Instantly and See for Yourself Within the Next 30 DAYS.


If you implement the steps in this yoga class and do not see a significant increase in your well-being within 30 days, I'll give you your $17 back. 

That's how confident I am that the Mile-High Mobility Airplane yoga Video will help you reduce swelling and discomfort so you can arrive at your destination feeling better!

100% Money Back Guaranteed.

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