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Manatee Zone!!

Manatees are the gentle giants of our beloved waterways. Closest related to elephants, they act more like puppies! We had a chance to SUP with these amazing creatures and look into their soulful eyes! They are curious and playful by nature. They would come to greet us, glide under our boards, and scratch their backs on our fins! Some lingered a while and would look up at us as they checked out our boards. One even pushed my board so gently around the bay. We spent a few hours in their company admiring their sheer size and grace. Each manatee in this spring is identified by their scars, made from passing speed boats. Many have serious damage to their tails and flippers, and you can see exactly where the propellers struck. While rules are in place to protect these beautiful animals, it is clear that alot more needs to be done. Boat owners MUST take responsibility and go slow in our rivers. Our Manatee encounter was a serene experience, that I can't wait to share! So incredible, actually that we have partnered with Paddleboard Orlando to offer YOU the chance to visit these amazing beauties this season with our Flo-Daze SUP tour. You can witness first hand that Manatees are the real mermaids!

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