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Practice the Pause

woman in supine twist yoga pose on a stand up paddle board on a tranquil lake with greenery
Practice the Pause

Do you ever feel like this?? I feel like I've been trying SSOO hard to stay afloat for a whole year, and absolutely NOTHING is working out... I'm spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. If that sounds familiar, then let's try this instead... Practice the PAUSE. The PAUSE is this tiny space in between... In between thoughts, in between words, in between breaths... where a whole new world of possibilities waits to be discovered. NEW thoughts and words that are more evolved and lead to more positive outcomes. Practicing the PAUSE can change the outcome of your day, maybe even your whole life! In our world, we are trained to rush and push and go faster and do moooooore... We are quick to label, and judge, and get bonus points if its quippy! Spoiler alert - that ain't working!!! In this PAUSE though, we stop. We wait. For another solution to come to light. It's not quitting, and it's not the same as being lazy, as we continue to practice and work on development. It's an acute awareness without trying SO hard!! You can apply this practice to so many different areas of your life. Anytime your feelings are BIG or your decisions are BIG or life seems overwhelming, practice the PAUSE. In our world, we are trained to rush and push and go faster do moooooore... Hustle if you want to be successful. SPOILER ALERT: Hustle if you want to reach the end faster! Otherwise.... Practice The Pause. 🙂✌

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