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Building CommUNITY one block at a time - a class on Satya

Satya = Truthfulness

The root of all growth. Sure, it means speak the truth, speak your truth, don't lie. But it also means to LIVE your truth, to spend more time trying to grow, than trying to fit in. In kids class this rings so true, so we did a few exercises to help build tomorrows leaders!

After a few stretches, we moved into Sun Salutations. I completed a round with them, then had the create their own versions. They could add or change whatever they wanted. It was beautiful! They are so created! Most of them integrated inversions, L Stands, and kick ups, some added extra push ups and additional flowing movements to their sequence. They all finished at the exact same time. Fascinating!

Another exercise we did was team building. They were given a partner. One laid on their back, feet up the wall, while the other placed blocks on top of their feet. We named each block with a cultural label we are all given, like girl, mom, student, and bossy, funny, clumsy. After we stacked as high as we could reach, we kicked off the layers and labels which came crashing down all around us, much to their delight! We switched places and came up with new labels as we repeated the exercise, creating a strong understanding and foundation to move forward!

During Savasana, they did a body scan to check in with who they really are, right now at this point in time. Then I asked them to visualize who they would like to become, even if it seemed like quite a stretch, like an astronaut, or a unicorn!! Whatever came to mind to encourage them to open their eyes to new possibilities!

THIS is CommUNITY building. Breaking the old habits of labels, and creating new space to thrive!! GO out into your world and be true to who you really are. Spend your time here growing and learning, and you are sure to find your true potential!!


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