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You Were NEVER Alone

You don’t need to go through this life alone. The truth is you were neve alone.

It's fascinating to think that for thousands of years, almost every culture in the world celebrates a connection with those who have gone before. When the veil is thin, we remember them with candles and pictures and stories of our loved ones.

In some cultures, it is said that 7 generations of your ancestors walk beside you, all the time. So truly, you are never alone. You walk with the strength of those who thrived in hard times.

I heard it beautifully stated that... You are the result of thousands of love stories!

Which is worth celebrating on its own! 🥂

You are never alone. We are all connected to each other and connected to a Greater Good. In Yoga we call it Sangha, or Community, the tribe you belong to.

In our busy world though, sometimes we don’t feel very connected. We rely on other less personal connections, like to screens! If this sounds like you, I would like to encourage you to get out there and find your people.

Volunteer for a purpose that you care about. Go out and participate in healthy activities you enjoy. When you follow your passions and interests, you will meet others with similar ones. These are your people!!

If you haven't already, GO TO YOGA!! Find a studio you vibe with, and you'll meet others on a healthy lifestyle path! It will bring you a sense of connection and purpose. If not, and if it doesn’t vibe with you, go find another studio!

Find your tribe. Love them unapologetically.

You are no accident. You are a valued member of the human tribe. You deserve to feel honored and welcome for the amazing individual you are. You just need to find us so we can love you!

This week in yoga classes we are reconnecting by strengthening our Crown Chakras, the center of energy within us that connects us to everything else. Here's a chakra meditation you can use if you would like to join me in optimizing your energy.

Chakra Meditation

Harmonize mind, body, and spirit with this transformative Chakra Meditation, guiding you towards balance and vitality on your wellness journey.

You are never alone . We are all connected to each other, connected to the Divine, and connected to a Greater Good. Walk with your head held high my long time yogi friend! You are part of a powerful global community and YOU matter! 💚

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