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Change is In the Air!

Can you feel it? Change is in the air! The seasons are shifting. Balance is being restored. The brutal oppressive heat is finally lifting and we are entering a new season of change. For millennia people celebrated the Autumn Equinox. It was harvest time, the fruit of their labors had finally arrived! The working days were shorter and they could spend more time with family and friends enjoying the beautiful autumn days. Why don't we do that anymore? The Autumn Equinox is one of nature's gentle reminders of the circle and seasons of life. As the days and nights find balance, we too find balance in our lives. The seeds you planted, whether in your garden, or your health or career or relationships or elsewhere in your life come to fruition now. All the hard work finally pays off! It is a time to honor all of your blessings, and shift your mindset from one of lack and want and need, to one of abundance and gratitude. It's time to find balance and harmony in our daily lives before we enter the new season of quiet healing that the Winter offers. So how can we honor this special time? Well obviously pumpkin spice is a thing!! Did you know pumpkin, all spice, and cinnamon were originally used to keep evil spirits at bay? So feel free to have another! Every Fall, I honor the changing of the seasons and abundance of the Earth by taking my family for a farm visit. We spend the whole day navigating corn mazes, enjoying hay rides, and supporting the farmers by buying produce, flowers, and pumpkins! It's a wonderful family adventure that we look forward to every year. If you haven't gone to visit one of the local farms you should! There's nothing quite like a day in the country! And of course Yoga is the best way to find balance! Join me for a simple stretch yoga practice to help bring balance to your life with this video filmed out in nature.

POWER & PEACE YIN A gentle restorative stretch practice to help you find balance in your life.

Whatever you do , go outside, take a fresh breath of air and embrace the change of seasons that is coming. Harvest time is here!

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