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Mass Media Meditation

It's Anti-Bullying week at the Elementary schools, and I showed up with messages of hope to be broadcast school wide to 800 kids. My own kid has been bullied in school, quite a bit. He's different. He's funny. He's loud. He wears shorts and snow boots to school. They call him annoying, and stupid. They wait until the teacher isn't looking to push him down in the dirt on the playground. Then they lie, they lie to the teachers, and they lie to their parents to get out of trouble. Their parents lie too. Talking to them does no good. So I showed up to teach the kids, both the bullies and the bullied, that's it's GOOD to be unique, and smart and strong. I challenged them in poses and told them that you DO have a community and a purpose here, even if sometimes they are hard to find. Keep looking, keep growing, keep reaching for the light....

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." - the Dalai Lama

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