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Freedom is Unattached

Have you ever wanted something so bad you absolutely obsessed over it?

And where is that thing now? Not quite as obsessed with it anymore?

The Buddha taught us that, “Attachment is the root of all suffering.”

Yoga teaches us the same lesson...

Aparigraha is the last Yama, or guideline for finding peace in the big world, and reminds us to practice nonattachment. This lesson encourages us to take only what we need, keep only what currently serves us, and let go when it is time.

It’s a reminder not to keep our focus on the end accomplishment or rewards of our efforts, but rather on the journey or the process. When you engage in an activity, engage with all your heart, and let go of what the outcome might be.

When we pour ourselves into our work for the shear love of it, our passions come alive, and we live full meaningful lives.

Regardless of the praises or the progress, we are free from judgement, and can practice just for the love of practicing!

Aparigraha applies to physical things in our home too. Do you have a drawer full of junk? Or clothes you know you’ll never wear again, but they still take up space in your closet?

Aparigraha encourages us to let go of the physical clutter too. In doing so, we create room to breathe, and make space for something new and useful. The more material possessions we have, the more responsibilities we have to organize and clean. Physical possessions, take up our space our time and our energy. So, we should only keep them around if they contribute to our growth and wellbeing.

If we can lighten the load either by selling or donating items we don’t need, we can live a less cluttered life in our homes and in our minds.

Non-attachment is an art. By practicing regularly, we can prepare ourselves for life's 'moments' and call on this practice to help us navigate a clearer path. Join me for this simple visualization meditation and let's practice together!

Cloud Meditation

Drift into tranquility as you soar through clouds in this meditation journey. Find peace, clarity, and serenity within.

It's time to stop holding on so tight.

Aparigraha offers us so much freedom as we let go of thoughts, ideas and actual stuff that no longer serves us. Then we are free to experience life’s moments as they become available.

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