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We are ALL Connected

Of all of the chakras, or energy centers you have, the Crown Chakra is the most evolved, most connected. It’s literally the highest chakra, revolving just above the crown of your head.

Called Sahasrara in the ancient Sanskrit language, it translates as “bridge to the cosmos,” and is the center of your Spiritual energy.

It is the connection point between your energy, and all other energy in the Universe, and connects you to God or the Divine.

The Crown Chakra is illuminating. It helps us find our inner wisdom, reach our highest Self, and connect to the universal consciousness.

When your Crown Chakra is out of balance and overactive you may feel superior to others or may lack empathy for their situation. You may feel detached from reality and refuse to take responsibility for your actions.

When your Crown Chakra is underactive, you may feel lost without purpose or hope. You may lose interest in socializing with other people and prioritize material possessions instead.

When your Crown Chakra is balanced, you become clear of who you really are and why you are here. Your place in the world seems obvious, and your work flows naturally.

It is through the Crown Chakra that we become One with all that is.

Affirmations are one of the best ways to energize your Crown Chakra and access the Greater Divine. Meditation and journaling also help bring balance to your spiritual side.

Crown Chakra helps us communicate with the Universe, helps us find our inspiration, and creates a deeper understanding of all that is.

Join me for a Chakra Meditation to create a connection within...

Chakra Meditation

Harmonize mind, body, and spirit with this transformative Chakra Meditation, guiding you towards balance and vitality on your wellness journey.

You are never really alone . We are all connected to each other, and connected to a greater good. I hope the higher vibration of the Crown Chakra leads you to a place of power and peace!

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