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When you assume, you make an as

We go through our lives looking for validation. We want our likes and dislikes, ideas and beliefs to be true. So if we see or hear something that jives with our flow we adopt it. We believe it to be true. It's quick and easy and reinforces the idea that we are right.

Be brave enough to ask.

Here's the thing though, this way of thinking is inaccurate. Easy, yes, but true, no. If something resonates with you, if you care, be brave enough to ask about it. If you are thinking about a person's behavior or ruminating about someone's motives, you should open communications. Only by asking them directly will you find the truth. And it's often different than you thought, than you assumed.

There's another part to this guideline as well.... Be brave enough to tell. Speak up when you want something. Don't make other people assume either. They don't live in your head, they don't know what you're thinking. If it's important, tell them. This one way of communicating clearly can change your whole life.

This third agreement teaches us to speak up. To use our voice to find clarity and to express our wants and needs.

I see some throat chakra poses in our near futures! Lol.

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