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This time of year, our wheels get spinning pretty fast! It's almost like living on a giant hamster wheel of life trying to get everything ready in time!

And in this rush we tend to go so fast that we miss the miracle moments all around us.

Yoga teaches us to just stop.... And be mindful in the present moment.


You can either be here now, or the opposite be Nowhere...spinning around on your big hamster wheel. Lol.

"Yesterday is History.

Tomorrow is a Mystery.

Today is a Gift.

That's why it's called the Present."

-Kung Fu Panda

(and I'm pretty sure Lao Tzu said it too)

Did you know that every day about 90% of the thoughts you have are repeats? They are things you’ve already gone over or played out. Which means only about 10% of your thoughts each day are original!

We know that ruminating over past events causes depression. AND we know that worrying over future events causes anxiety.

Yoga teaches us that the key to finding peace is to Be HERE Now.

You get to choose.

You either choose to Be Here Now,

OR you choose to Be Nowhere.

When you choose to Be Here Now, you are available to life’s experiences. You have the opportunity to connect with people. It’s possible to make new observations, find new inspiration and create something special.

Otherwise, you choose to Be Nowhere, lost in a world of thoughts you have already had, probably a whole bunch of times. What a terrible waste of your precious time here.

We’ve talked about how important your Mindset is. It’s literally everything. So, training your mindset is one of the most invaluable practices you can have. When you realize you are heading down that path again, having repeat thoughts, going over your to-do list for the fourteenth time, or questioning why that relationship didn’t work out, what could you have done differently…. Train your brain to stop.

Redirecting your energy to something productive can change your whole life.

As you move through the next few busy weeks , make sure you take time to re-center so you can be fully present in the moment with the ones you care about.

If you'd like some help, here's one of my favorite Yoga Stretch Desker videos, you could join me for. It's a quick 15 minute Chair Yoga practice to help relieve tension, so you can enjoy the miracles around you!!

Mindful Chair Yoga

Unwind, restore, and invigorate your body and mind when you join me for this gentle stretch and embrace your wellness today!

You should save this video and practice alot!

HAPPY Holidays ! I hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the miracles all around you, with the ones you care about.... right... now! 🙂💚

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