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Welcome to the NEW WORLD! Things are different today than they were yesterday, and last week, and last month, right? Yoga teaches us to Go With the Flow, to adapt and be creative. Your Yoga practice is SO IMPORTANT to your health, NOW more than ever!! Medical experts recommend practicing yoga in your own home every day. SO, we're moving to a new online platform, ZOOM! It's really easy to use. Once you register for class, you will be emailed a link to join. Login in at the class time, and I'LL be there, ready to lead you through a healthy practice! You can see me, and hear me as we practice; and you can control if your own computer webcam is on or off to maintain the level of privacy you prefer that day. Just like at the studio, there are many different types of

yoga, from Gentle Stretch to Hot Power, Kids Yoga, Yoga with Weights, etc. You should try them all!! Check the link for available classes. I really hope to see you on your mat sometime soon!

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