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You deserve it more than anyone else...

Can you even believe it's almost 2022??

As we wrap up another exciting year, and move into a brand new one, let's be intentional of the energy we attract to us, and the energy we deflect away.

I find that exercising my Heart Chakra, helps me get really clear about who I am, and what I'm trying to do!

Allow the Light & Love to come to you, but anything that's not that, gets deflected from you.

in classes this week, we spent extra time in open hearted poses, like Fish and Dancer and Wheel, to help open up our loving Heart Chakras. We also practiced a Love Bubble Meditation. It's a pretty simple visualization exercise that helps you remember who you really are... Because at the atomic level, YOU are energy...

YOU are a being of Light & Love!

And YOU, more than anyone else, deserve the kind of LOVE you are capable of...

As we move into this next phase yogi, let's be intentional about what we are attracting and allowing to us. It should all be light & love!! And if it's not, then it's not for you love. 😃✌

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