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Could be a TRUST thing...

You already KNOW.

You already know what to do, what is right, what is good. Some would say you have been gifted the wisdom of 20,000 people, who look kinda like YOU, and walked this earth before you.

What a gift!

Sometimes we call it a 'gut feeling.' Yoga teaches us about the 3rd Eye Chakra, an energy center in the body where our intuition resides. Where we just know things, we can see situations and circumstances clearly. It's the center of inspiration and spirituality.

It's located at the spot between your eyebrows, and often represented by a glowing purple light. Anatomy calls this spot the pituitary gland, and while the research is inconclusive, it's thought to be some sort of communication point. Some Native Americans believe it's the space in the body where the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next occurs. Some even believe that all of our ancestors walk beside us every day, guiding us with this intuitive presence that they communicate through this space.

Whatever you wish to call it - intuition, wisdom, luck, guardian angels, etc. just know that YOU DO have it! And if you can't feel it, you probably have more of a TRUST issue...

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