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Don't Make Assumptions

This month in Yoga we have been reflecting on The 4 Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. The book is a collection of ancient wisdom that helps us find happiness in a world where other people often screw it all up!!  

You should read it! (Again!!)

This week we are on Agreement #3, the one that can change your whole life....

The THIRD Agreement teaches: Don't Make Assumptions

Cause... know what it makes outta you and me! ;)

We go through our lives looking for validation. We want our likes and dislikes, ideas and beliefs to be true. So if we see or hear something that jives with our flow we adopt it. We believe it to be true. It's quick and easy and reinforces the idea that we are right. We like that!

Be brave enough to ask.

Here's the thing though, this way of thinking is inaccurate. Easy, yes, but true, no. If something resonates with you, if you care, be brave enough to ask about it. If you are thinking about a person's behavior or ruminating about someone's motives, you should open communications. Only by asking them directly will you find the truth. And it's often different than you thought, than you assumed.

There's another part to this guideline as well....

Be brave enough to tell.

Speak up when you want something. Don't make other people assume either. They don't live in your head, they don't know what you're thinking. If it's important, tell them. This one way of communicating clearly can change your whole life.

You know what else can change your whole life??

YOGA!! Of course lol!

I was reminded that recently on a hike on the Appalachian Trail! My son has wanted to backpack for years, and he's a senior now, so we finally made it happen! The leaves were changing color and it was just gorgeous! HOWEVER, we seriously underestimated the weight of our gear... and wound up pressing the pause button mid-hike, setting up on a 2 foot trail and making chicken veggie quesadillas. I mean what else were we gonna do??

We sat and ate and talked about what we were going to do next, because at our pace it would take 32 hours to make it to camp, and the sun was setting in 3. After a long day of lugging our gear, reconsidering our life choices and collaborating on a new plan we were exhausted. Add another day of backpacking to our Plan B the Catawba shelter, and a bucket list hike to MacAfee's Knob.... My shoulders, back and hips, legs, feet, arms, neck...just all of it hurt!!

I didn't have a yoga mat, so I rolled out my towel and practiced this Hiker's Stretch Yoga. I felt SO MUCH BETTER, and my energy was restored for more hiking the next day. And then we made smores, which also helped with that! 😊 Our new plan was so much better and the rest of our trip was so much fun! It's a good thing we were able to talk openly as a family and pivot when we needed to!  

My yoga practice helped me stay positive during the challenging moments, look ahead and move toward new goals, and appreciate the beauty along the way. That's the real yoga, right?? 🎯

Join me for a quick yoga stretch on the Appalachian Trail amidst the breathtaking fall foliage and nurture your well-being with 'Hikers Stretch Yoga.'

Hiker's Stretch Yoga

Escape to the serene Appalachian Trail in the midst of vibrant fall foliage for a restorative yoga class designed to help you reduce pain and anxiety while embracing a holistic path to wellness.

The Third Agreement teaches us to speak up . To use our voice to find clarity and to express our wants and needs. Because even the best laid plans can go awry and clear communication makes all the difference in the world.

I see some throat chakra poses in your near future , lol. :)

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