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A Flower does think of competing

"OMG you won't believe what she did!!"

AND... it's probably none of your business!! 🤷‍♀️

It seems we've gotten a great deal concerned with the thoughts, beliefs and actions of others when really we should be concerned with growing and learning ourselves!

This quote from the book Zen Shin Talks reminds us that life is not a competition.

"The FLOWER does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms.

Don't get me wrong healthy competition between colleagues is good...

AND when you have to WIN, have to have the best, and have to be the best or you won't be happy...well.... you're not going to be happy! And that's just a waste of your time here.

If you find yourself jealous at another person's success or their WINS... if you think "That must be nice," you are seriously devaluing the challenges and opportunities they had to grow through to get there. It's a very limited point of view, and not very Yoga like.

Life is not a COMPETITION, it's a JOURNEY.

Remember that this one beautiful life you have is a journey. Don't concentrate just on the end game alone, think of all the progress you have made along the way. Keep learning and growing. Be proud of the beautiful blooming flower you are and keep reaching for your own bit of light.

Your journey is beautiful in it's own blooming way! So make sure you focus more on that and less on all the other pretty flowers out there!!

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