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Always Do Your Best

This week, we are on the fourth and final of The 4 Agreements. I hope you have given this sincere thought and will continue to apply these guidelines everyday. Over the years I have found much comfort and strength in these teachings, and always find my way back to my Happy Path. :)

If you still haven't read the book by Don Miguel Ruiz than you should. It'll change your world! You can find it along with my other favorite books HERE.

But back to our final lesson of this series -

The FOURTH Agreement teaches: ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST.

Your best will change form day to day, whether you slept well, are healthy, hydrated, etc, all effect how you do that day.

Your best will change. Keep doing your best.

As long as you give each challenge your best effort, than you can rest easy, no matter what the outcome. There is peace of mind that comes when you have given it your all. You won't have self-judgement or regret, wondering if you could have tried harder when things don't work out. And when things finally DO work out, you will have rocked it!!

Through repetition and practice this final agreement allows the other three agreements to become habits that create your character.

For many years I was a Boy Scout leader, and taught this same principal, our motto -

Always Do Your Best.

Hundreds of boys and girls, right here in this community learned how to be kind, respectful, honest, courteous, how to do their best, and of course how to do Cobra!!

This may be the only group of Boy Scouts in the country to stop, drop and Yoga! Here we are in the middle of a Vinyasa Flow...

Join me to discover the power of your breath with a Belly Breathing Meditation. It's called Belly Breathing and it's an easy breathwork exercise you can do anywhere! Even in the middle of a Boy Scout meeting. Lol. I hope you'll join me and practice it!

Belly Breathing Meditation

This simple yet profound breathwork exercise is your gateway to a calmer, more balanced nervous system

This fourth agreement teaches us that when you step up, you step AAALLLLL the way up, and do your best!!

And you'll be surprised how the Universe responds ! ;)

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