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Commit to Your Growth

Most of us arrive at Yoga because we are looking for some kind of change or personal growth, which is FANTASTIC!! Yoga has AAALLLLLLL the tools for that!

In Baptiste Yoga specifically we have the Laws of Transformation, which are guidelines to get us out of our comfort zone and into a growth mindset. Once we adopt this way of thinking, transformation starts to unfold in our lives naturally! 😁🙌

This week we are reflecting on Transformation Law #4 Commit to Growth.

Here's the thing, growth isn't linear, it's messy, and sweaty, and sometimes seems too hard.... and we feel like we just can't. 🤦‍♀️

And that's exactly the point where this Law of Transformation starts to take effect. Commit to Your Growth, keep going even when it gets tough and messy, stay in the practice. Stay in the mess. Stay. If you are committed to your growth and really, really, really want to see a change in your life, stay. Whether it's in a pose, or a project, or whatever is truly important to you. Stay.

AND if you feel stuck, just stuck, and you're not sure what to do... Here's a few other things you can do to stay in the work...

- Drink more water

- Go to bed early

- Roll out your mat and make your own practice!

- Try to make one person smile each day

- Research something new

Growth is a mindset, and if you really want to live up to your true potential, you must commit to it! This is the way.



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