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Happy NEW Year! Happy NEW YOU!!


What?? 🤷‍♀️

You weren't actually going to WAIT on some rando date to start moving toward your goals..... were you?

Yoga teaches us that


You already have everything you need to start making progress in the direction of your goals.

And yet in our culture we're always waiting and getting ready, for everything to be perfect, or in order, or once that other thing happens...

Lemme tell ya, anyone who has ever had kids knows there's no way to be ready for it! You just jump in and do the best you can. And the rest of Life works pretty much the same way!!

So it's time to revisit some of those big picture goals. The ones you've been saying you'll try for when everything else is perfect... It's time to jump in!!

Here's a fantastic example!! I really wanted to do a car wash meditation, and speak to letting your worries wash away. And it was a total disaster! And it was messy and raw. I could have easily switched off my phone and waited for the perfect moment. But Yoga teaches us that it's always going to be messy, AND you still need to meditate!

So Happy New Year! More importantly Happy New YOU!!

You've only been gifted today! This one day. There is no promise of anything else. You CAN'T wait!! You have to start moving towards your goals today!! You. Are. Ready. Now.

Drop a message, and let me know what is that one big seemingly unattainable goal....that you come back to sometimes....

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