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How long have you been fighting for?

HOW long have you been fighting for??

Your Central Nervous System has 2 modes it operates in: ✔ Fight or Flight ✔ Rest & Digest The first one, Fight or Flight is automatic. Anytime you encounter ANY kind of stress it activates. It's a throw back to the caveman days when saber tooth tigers were real scary, and danger lurked outside every cave! It's super helpful to amp up your reaction time and keep you alive!!

Rest & Digest though does NOT activate automatically. You have to physically switch it back on. This is the mode where your body steps down from red alert! Where you are free to heal and grow, and your body and mind prepare for the next challenges to come. If you're NOT doing this, you're setting yourself up for BURNOUT!! Yoga gives us the tools we need to re-activate Rest & Digest mode, like Yin practice and meditation, and being present as we find joy in the moment.

In our world, we are trained to rush and push and go faster do moooooore... Hustle if you want to be successful.

SPOILER ALERT: Hustle if you want to reach the end faster! Otherwise....

Practice The Pause. 🙂✌

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