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Relax With What Is

Yoga master Iyengar taught us, "Before we can find peace among nations, we have to find peace inside that small nation which is our own being." Life is full of challenges, pressure and difficult moments AND how we respond to these moments is everything. If we can learn to pause, reflect, and RELAX with what is, we have the power to turn those challenges into opportunities. Easier said than done!! But it's a practice, right!! It's a good thing we have tools for that! 😁🙌

While visiting the Skydeck in Chicago, I rode the elevator with a woman who is an amazing photographer, and also terrified, TERRIFIED of heights. When we reached the 103rd floor, she could barely step out of the elevator. She really wanted to take pics over the glass floors, but there was no way she would step out over them. What if it cracked? What if a bolt came loose? What if it fell apart at the seems?? She stood there in terror for almost the entire session. I tried to reason with her, that didn't work. I jumped up and down on the glass to show her how strong it was, that just scared her more! So finally, I went about my own way enjoying the view and taking yoga pics like this one. She stood there watching for a while. Then she came over to my glass box, and asked for help. I stood next to her as she tapped one toe on the glass, and eventually a foot, and eventually a step. She slowly, cautiously made her way onto the glass and took the incredible photos she came for. And on the elevator ride down... SHE WAS BEAMING with pride!! When we are able to relax in the face of stress, a greater power moves through us. If we can put our thoughts, resistance, and reactions aside, we can access this greater source of grace that helps us along our way. The moment you stop trying to force it, you access this mental clarity which provides opportunity. The key is in noticing and not reacting. Relax with what is.

Life is full of these kinds of moments . Your power is in how you respond. If you can maintain your peace, you can create profound change in your life. 💚

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