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Root Down to Rise Up!

In honor of my favorite Holy Day, St. Patrick's Day, we're taking it back to basics this month and exploring our roots! Yoga teaches us that our primary instincts and energy revolve around the Root Chakra. This is our simplest need to survive, to find shelter, safety, water, food, and the resources we need to live. For millennia, our people, yours and mine, spent most of their energy here, just trying to survive. AND you'll notice that alot of people are still stuck in this scarcity mindset.

AND we are here to do more! We are here to thrive!! Yoga reminds us to... ROOT DOWN TO RISE UP Pressing down into our roots helps to lift us up, whether it's researching your ancestry, talking to an elder, walking through the woods, or helping in your community. This is how you open the doors to abundance, so can stop worry about surviving, and start focusing on thriving. This week, my students have OHM-work, to go walk outside barefoot. Touch the Earth, spend time submersed with the abundance we've been blessed with. So maybe YOU should go spend time in nature too! A simple walk outside can do wonders to help move energy through your root chakra so you can evolve and start working on what makes you really happy!

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