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Sending out Good Vibes

Last week we reflected on Pratyahara, rebooting your brains so your energy would be more focused, less distracted with busy work! Shut it down!!

So the NEXT Step.... is to come back online. Yoga teaches us that the kind of energy we send out into the world, is the same kind of energy we attract back into our lives. Which makes this an excellent opportunity to start fresh with an ancient Metta Meditation. So Basic. So Pure.

And exactly what we would hope to receive from this world!!

I chat a little bit more about Metta in this quick video.

As you come back online, with renewed energy, here's a Metta Meditation you can practice to send out positive hopeful vibes into the world. Feel free to change any of my intention words with your own. I'd love to hear what you choose!

METTA MEDITATION Send out good vibes to the world. See what comes back!!

Before life gets complicated and back to full speed, take a moment to offer out some good vibes, and let's see what comes back to you! 🙂✌💚☯ Kindly, Emily

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