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The Ultimate Yogi Guide to CRUSH Your Goals

Do you know the #1 Yoga Tool to absolutely CRUSH your goals? Lemme tell ya about it...

In class this week we talked about Drishti. It means FOCUS. We know there is a sea of distraction out there. People literally get paid like bajillions of dollars to distract you. So how do you stay focused, eyes on the prize, even in our big busy world?? We know that the people who WIN, like at life, stay focused on their goals, and take action towards them. So as good Yogi's we work on our focus and concentration with techniques like breathwork, Eyeball Yoga, and balance challenges, which students got to practice with me this week. :)

We started class this week with a Box Breathing Meditation, which I've included for you if you'd like to practice with me. It helps cultivate concentration and focus.... AND I filmed it in the Florida Keys, so if you just want to take a quick visit that works too lol.

In class, we continued our Meditation throughout the entire class, and moved super slowly through our whole practice, breath by breath, intent on our gaze and focus, following our fingers to the sky! We also did some pretty intense balance challenges like Big Toe Pose to Dancer!

Yeah, it's HARD!!

But we can do hard things, and the work we do here helps us reach our goals. :) What is one simple step you could take in the direction of your goals?

Here's a few ideas if you're not sure: - Drink more water - Go to bed early - Roll out your mat and practice! - Try to make one person smile each day - Research something new Eyes on the prize Yogi! Go out there and CRUSH your Goals!!

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