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Tree Yoga. Yes it's a thing!

You probably already know I love trees! Like I have favorite trees. lol Mostly because they are excellent yogis and they teach us so much...

...like how to root down and dig in your heels.

...like how to reach for the sunshine.

...like how to make something from nothing.

and so much more.

This time of year, the trees are teaching us one of the most important lessons of all...

BE like the tree,

let the DEAD leaves drop.

- Rumi

Here's the thing, every encounter you have is an energy exchange, either giving or taking your energy, usually a bit of both lol. Kind of like a leaf on a tree! The leaf depends on nutrients from the tree, and also collects water and sunshine for the tree. All season. Until the energy exchange is complete. And then the leaf isn't really adding much, just taking alot of energy. And it's time to let go.

You can label that leaf whatever you want - stress, doubt, expectations, burdens, etc. And know that it's time to let them go now. We practiced this in class this week during our Leaf Meditation.

We start to understand that it's better for the tree AND for the leaf to let go. The tree conserves energy to survive winter, and the leaf returns to earth to become nutrients for the tree in the spring. It's really just a delicate part of a beautiful cycle...the letting go.

Take a big breath in yogi. Breathe out and let the dead leaves drop.

Tree Yoga :)