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You were never alone...

It's fascinating to think that for thousands of years, almost every culture in the world celebrates a holiday to re-connect with those who have gone before. When the veil is thin, we remember them with candles and pictures and stories of our loved ones.

It is said that 7 generations of your ancestors walk beside you, all the time. So truly, you are never alone. You walk with the strength of success, of those who thrived in hard times.

I heard it put beautifully that ....

You are the result of thousands of love stories!

Which is worth celebrating on its own! 🥂💚

This week in yoga classes we are

reconnecting by strengthening our Crown Chakras, the center of energy within us that connects us to everything else here. Here's a chakra meditation you can use if you would like to join me in optimizing your energy.

You are never alone. We are all connected to each other, and connected to a greater good. Walk with your head held high my long time yogi friend!

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