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Don't Rush the Process

Have you ever had to hurry to get a task completed by an impending deadline only to find out later that you

missed a BIG part of it altogether? You know you could have done so much better if you had just spent a little bit more time on it. Law of Transformation #9 teaches us Don’t Rush the Process When we rush, we tend to narrow in on just a few key points, but we often miss the more subtle nuances that make the subject so special. We’ve allowed the timing, the deadline to be more important than the quality of our content. Here’s the thing though, time comes and goes. Honestly, we’re not even sure if time is a real thing!! But you can never get back the experience of the moment once it’s gone, or the word once it’s spoken, or the post once it’s posted! The real value is in the experience, not so much the deadline. We see this with healing too. After an injury, we so desperately want to get back in the game that we try to rush our healing, or ignore it altogether, thinking we can still operate at our personal record levels, even when we’re supposed to be taking it easy. Sound familiar?? This often leads to reinjury, or worse greater long-term damage. The point is, you have to go through it all the way to heal, to grow, and to learn. Rushing only makes it worse. So, then the real lesson is in patience, right ? We need to learn to slow down so we can fully experience the situation whatever it is. Only then will we receive the full benefits of what is available to us in that moment. This week in my classes we practiced by moving super slow through the poses. You could practice too by joining me for a quick Belly Breathing Meditation.

Belly Breathing Find balance in your body and mind with this simple breathwork exercise.

Basically , if we try to rush through it, we deny ourselves the most special part of the growth process! Take your time. You'll bloom when it's time. 💚

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