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Speak Your Truth

Woman sitting in the window of a broken down fort looking at the ocean

Yoga gives us the tools we need to break out of conformity and live an authentic life rooted in Joy. 🎉 One of our greatest tools for this is the Throat Chakra, the energy center that governs effective communication. When your Throat Chakra is out of balance you may talk way too much! You might mindlessly chitter chatter at people OR try to push your agenda on them, which will lead to loneliness, as you are not creating real connection, and they won't want to listen! OR you might shut down and not express your wants and needs, which leads to depression and isolation as you deprive yourself of life's joy. When your Throat Chakra is balanced you are considerate and thoughtful of your communication. You are able to effectively express your wants and needs and are aware of how your words affect other people. You can SPEAK YOUR TRUTH without causing harm to others. To communicate effectively, we need to be empathetic, to truly listen to what others are saying, both with their words and their energy, and try to understand their perspective. We must also be able to express ourselves without requiring validation or approval from someone else. We should be able to Speak Our Truth without requiring a certain response to feel accepted. This message is repeated throughout Yoga as we are taught to live with integrity and BE Impeccable with our words. Our words have great power, and through them we are either manifesting greatness, or causing pain. Being divisive, putting the other side down, not being empathetic to the perspective of others is a sign of a serious Throat Chakra block!! I see that alot out in the big world lately!! I feel bad for them because with each word they are putting themselves in a tinier box!! Instead, let's focus on Speaking Our Truth, on sharing our unique perspective and creating a life we love to live! In the process, we help so many other people heal and grow and find their voice too! Not sure if your Throat Chakra is in tune?? Here's a Chakra balancing meditation you can practice with me, that can help you realign your energy....

Chakra Meditation Realign your energy for what really matters so you can Speak Your Truth

In diversity there is great strength. We don't want everyone to be the same. That would be so boring! It's better if we have unique ideas and talents and visions, AND we can be supportive of others while also pursuing our own joy! It's one of life's precious gifts! 😁🙌

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