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Transformation Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn't settle for it.

I've talked to so many people lately that want to see a change in their life. They are looking for healthy solutions for their lifestyles, for weight management, sleep, peace and clarity, living a meaningful life. And that's GREAT! And when I follow up a few weeks later, they still want to SEE a change... but they haven't changed what they are doing! If you really want a transformation in your life... you have to do things differently! Transformations happens outside your comfort zone. Which makes sense right? If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting the same results! You have to actually embody the change you want to achieve! Want to be strong? Workout Want to lose weight? Fine tune your nutrition Want to sleep better? Work on your nightly ritual Want to live a meaningful life? Create goals and take action It takes work. It takes discipline. AND it's 💯 worth it!! One thing I do to make sure I am on track is make a list of my goals, like actually write it out. Then once a month, usually on the last day, I revisit the list. Right now my priority is my health, mostly my water intake. So I set myself up for success by having attainable goals, and actions to move towards those goals. In my case, I calculated how much water I need to drink, and I have a specific water bottle that I know I can fill twice to get that (keep it simple right!) I add in my fruits and herbs to make it yummy, and mark what time mark I should hit to refill. And BOOM, I'm reaching my goal! It's really important to regularly take inventory of yourself! Are you living your life the way you want to? Or are you just settling for what gets you by in that hectic moment?? 🤔 Car Wash Meditation

Here's an example of getting outside your comfort zone! You can meditate anywhere!! Even the Car Wash! Lol Practice this meditation to help cleanse away stress of the day and restart refreshed and renewed.

You absolutely CAN live your best life! It's going to be work, it might get messy and awkward, but I promise, it's 💯 worth it. Hit reply and let me know what goals you've been working towards and if you've hit any roadblocks. Maybe I've been there too! 🙂✌ Kindly, Emily

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