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Trying SO HARD doesn't work, Try THIS

Ever feel like you're trying SO HARD and it's just not working?? Yeah, I get it.

We've been talking alot about our POWER the last few weeks. From doing whatever it takes to keep moving forward, to Solar Plexus Chakra exercises designed to generate heat, to Staying in the Work, even when it's hard.


....AND THO.... there's another thing....

In Yoga we call it Sthira & Sukha. It means Power & Peace, Effort & Ease. We need to practice BOTH to find balance.

For the last 2 decades or so, I hit the ground running on Monday mornings. Determined to seize the day, the week, my LIFE!! I dropped my kids off at school an hour early, rain or shine, so I could make it to Yoga on time. I took an advanced Vinyasa class where I busted my ass for over an hour building heat and strength. It was great! And my whole week was like that, driven, fast paced, productive, carpe diem!!

Then Covid. And the studios were all shut down.

And honestly, for the first time I acknowledged how exhausted I really was.

When the world came back, my new schedule has me teaching YIN, slow stretch yoga, first thing Monday morning. My kids drive themselves to school now, so no need to rush. My whole day, my week, my life is so much different now! It's a little more flowey and flexible, even paced, with more room to explore. I'm still just as productive, and am accomplishing my goals...

Life is just alot.... easier!!

Before, I had been on track to burn out, because I was ONLY practicing Sthira, Power, Effort. In order to find balance in life, we need to practice both! Don't get me wrong, I still practice Vinyasa, and Power....just not in a way that sets the pace for my week! And now I have more calm energy to move through whatever challenges I face.

The next time you notice that you are trying SO HARD, and not getting anywhere... TRY EASY!

It doesn't mean be a slacker. Still show up and do the work. But maybe be a little bit easier with yourself and with others around you, and see how that works! It's all about balance.

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