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Drop What You Know

Woman doing Crow yoga pose on a piece of driftwood on the beach
Drop What You Know in order to GROW

That's cool if you know it all.... I guess.... AND though, it leaves very little room to grow! This week in Yoga we reflect on Baptiste Law of Transformation #6: Drop What You Know You see, a good yogi is always learning.

So we kinda have to admit we don't know everything. The truth is we don't know much at all! Lol The way our brains work, we are constantly gathering and filtering and organizing information to make sense of the big world. And once we figure it all out, our big brains collect all similar data and file it in a similar way. Which is cool and efficient… AND can cause us to instantly classify information without really being present to the life moment. Which limits our growth! For me, learning Crow Pose was this kind of challenge. I’m embarrassed to admit, but it took me 16 years to lift off the ground! I teach kids yoga now, and it takes them like 16 seconds to learn! The problem is I was all in my head, trying to get it right. I watched videos, asked my teachers so many questions, tried to rationalize proper form and alignment. I tried so hard to get it right, but I never gave myself permission to just explore Crow in MY body, to feel it and fall over it and figure it out myself. Until I did, and it clicked, and now it’s a no brainer. Literally lol. When we are all in our head, we are so busy figuring out what is right that we limit our experience in the real world. AND worse, if you already know everything…there’s nowhere to grow! Those same repeating thought patterns and habits might help you survive in life, but real transformation happens when you Drop What You Know and give yourself permission just to be and to experience the world around you and to take in the lessons right in front of you. The next time you catch yourself trying to figure everything out, remember.... you don't have to know it all !! To continue on your journey, you must be willing to Drop What You Know, so you have space to learn something new! And TBH, it's kind of a relief when you don't have to have everything figured out!!

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