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Metta Meditation sending love and light

People are basically pretty similar; we all want the same thing. We all just want to be happy and to avoid suffering. Pretty simple right? Well, it would be if we didn’t complicate it! One of the oldest meditation or prayer known to man is the ancient Yoga Metta Meditation. Metta translates as “loving kindness,” and this is an offering of loving kindness sent out to the world. Most Metta Meditations are super simple and usually look something like this: May all beings be Safe. May all beings be Happy. May all beings be Healthy. May all beings be Free. When we practice Metta Meditation, we repeat these phrases several times as we sit with our breath and send good vibes out into the world. So Basic. So Pure. Yoga teaches us that the kind of energy we send out into the world, is the same kind of energy we attract back into our lives. So, it’s wise to reflect regularly on what kind of energy we are sending out there! Not just our intention, or how good we think we are being, but what we are actually doing with the actions we take every day. Are we uplifting and encouraging those around us? Or are we critical and judgey? Is the energy you are putting out the same kind of energy you would like to receive? I sure hope so!

Metta Meditation Join me to send healing, loving vibes out into the world and let's see what comes back to you! 💚

I finish teaching each Yoga class with, “TOGETHER we say…. Namaste.” As I bow my head I offer a quick Metta Meditation to everyone in the room, “Peace, love, and joy to you. Escape from pain and suffering for you. Thank you, teacher, for your guidance.” Sending YOU love and light .

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