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Satya - Live Authentically

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It's important that we live a life grounded in truth. This keeps the Ego in check and helps us find our True Potential. Often what we see in the media though is fabrication, what they want you to see, a picture-perfect scenario. While it might be a pretty picture, it’s not real, and therefore will not help you on your path to enlightenment. In Yoga we call it Satya, which translates as Pure. The lesson of this Yama is Truthfulness and it helps us find inner peace by living an authentic life.

This is one of the reasons why yogis spend a lot of time in reflection, to take a good hard look at their lives and get to the root of what is real. Being completely honest with yourself requires you to slow down, be still and sit in reflection. This allows us to see the circumstances around us more clearly, we can see the truth of the situation better and formulate a beneficial response, rather than a primitive reaction. One of the ways we can recognize truthfulness in our own lives is being mindful of when our thoughts, words and actions are all in alignment with one another. When they are not, when we exaggerate the story or manipulate the facts, we are not living truthfully. We are causing stress and uncertainty in our relationships and in our lives. Of course, we want to avoid straight up lying, but Satya also means being transparent, clear with our communication, and genuinely honest with yourself and with others. We aim to remove all falsity from our lives by being raw, vulnerable, and open. That often means acknowledging what we might not want to hear, as in admitting a behavior or relationship is unhealthy. Join me for a simple breathwork exercise to help you align your thoughts, your words, and your actions...

Box Breathing Meditation Connect to your authentic nature with this simple breathwork exercise.

The truth is not always pretty , but it will help us along our path.

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