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Up to Something BIGGER

You impact the world every day, with every choice you make. Every. Choice. Matters. One of my favorite teachers Dr. Jane Goodall reminds us that, "We have the choice to use the gift of our lives to make the world a better place." We have the choice to live a life of mediocracy OR we can CHOOSE to be Up to something BIGGER!! You absolutely CAN make the world a better place. Simply put, all you need to do is choose to help! Anyone, anywhere. Most of you know, I was a Boy Scouts of America leader for 7 years. I helped hundreds of boys and girls in our community learn values like friendship, honesty, and kindness, as well as survival skills like keeping a garden, filtering water, and of course building fires. Lots of fires!! Most of them had smores on them! Lol. They were good times and I have so many fond memories of my service there. Since then, I've been kind of in a scramble, and it occurred to me that I haven't been volunteering as regularly as I used to. SO, it's time for ME to recommit, to be UP TO SOMETHING BIGGER! I've joined a Giving Circle, and am making arrangements to volunteer my time with environmental impact groups in the area. What about you? Are you consistently volunteering to help people? Drop me a line and let me know what your favorites are.

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