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#1 Yoga Tool to CRUSH Your Goals

Do you know the #1 Yoga Tool to absolutely CRUSH your goals? Lemme tell ya about it... 😁 In yoga we call the technique Drishti. It means FOCUS and is one of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Which means it’s just as important to practice as the physical practice of yoga itself! We know there is a sea of distraction out there. People literally get paid like bajillions of dollars to distract you. And so many people are completely distracted and adrift in a sea of meaningless chatter that prevents them from living the life they were meant to live! It’s not practical do avoid all the distractions out there. So how do you stay focused, eyes on the prize, even in our big busy world?? We know that the people who WIN, like WIN at life, stay focused on their goals, and take action towards them. No matter what else is happening in the world around them they keep making progress, sometimes just a little bit at a time. So as good Yogi's we work on building our focus and concentration with techniques like breathwork exercises, Eyeball Yoga👀, and balance challenges, which students practiced with me in class this week! 😁🙌 Here are a few more ways you can practice building focus: - Meditate - Create art - Read a Book - Take a break once an hour to move your body - Craft work life crochet or woodworking - Go outside - Get plenty of sleep You only get one shot at this beautiful life to live up to your True Potential. You don’t have time to waste on meaningless distractions. I want YOU to WIN ! So keep your eyes on the prize 🤩 and go CRUSH your Goals!!

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