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Be TRUE To Yourself

From birth we are placed into a role of expectations with distinct rules to follow. If we do what is expected, others seem pleased. If we do not conform, others are judgmental and unhappy with us. As we mature though, we start to form our own rules and our own path, based on our life experiences, our needs and wants, and talents we have to share with the world. Well, most of us anyway lol. Some people are stuck in a way of trying to live up to others’ expectations. Which ultimately leads to depression, anxiety, and mid-life crises. Law of Transformation #10 teaches to Be True to Yourself. A good way to evaluate this in your own life is to think of the self-imposed rules you follow. Do you hear them in your own voice? Or in the voice of a parent or authority figure? If it’s the latter, this is a rule which was given to you, and you need to think about if it truly serves your highest purpose. Consider your career. Are you following your passion and contributing to society? Or did you pick a ‘good’ (paying) job because that is what is expected of you? You may find this leaves you feeling unfulfilled. What about your relationships? Do you choose a partner who is safe and financially secure, that your parents would approve of? Or do you pick a partner based on mutual respect, understanding, and enjoying time spent together? You can see how one of these is going to be way better long term right? Oscar Wilde said it perfectly, “Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken.” By now you know Meditation is a game changer! It helps us build positive energy, focus that energy, and move towards our big life goals! Here's a simple Belly Breathing Meditation you can practice with me to help you connect to your true nature and harness your own individual power...

Belly Breathing Meditation Connect to your authentic nature with this simple, centering breathwork exercise. In order to reach your true potential, you have to live an authentic life where your gifts and talents are useful. This is where you will find meaning and joy . You do you. 💚

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