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Drop What You Must

As we wrap up another year we look forward to the promises of the next where Anything is Possible! Just imagine what kind of growth could be waiting for you!! We would LOVE for growth to be linear, and instant! But it's not. It's more spherical. We learn a little over here, grow a little over there, have setbacks over there and have to start over in areas too! One thing is for sure, transformation takes work! Yoga teaches us that you have to be willing to DROP WHAT YOU MUST. See, as we learn and grow on our path to wellness, we also collect other energy, that's not so helpful. It might be distractions or "busy work." Oftentimes, it's a means we needed to get to this point, whether a job or relationship or practice....but in order to move forward, we'll have to let it go. It simply does not promote our wellness journey. Don't be afraid to DROP WHAT YOU MUST in order to grow. The universe has a way of rewarding us when we take these BIG steps!

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