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Ever feel stressed out trying to figure out what to do? Sometimes we struggle when making choices about what is the best thing to do. The truth is, there is NO single right way. Or wrong way. There are many! Yoga teaches us that there is a Duality of Life. Just like Yin and Yan energy, we see elements of both sides almost everywhere we look! We find it in basic nature with every sunrise and sunset, day and night, summer and winter, hot and cold. It’s in the directions of East and West, left and right, in and out, up and down. Get it? Our Yoga lessons teach us the value of Power & Peace, as we strive equally for both. In our physical asana practice we are taught to root down to rise up. And we find balance in life when we Hug In AND Radiate out. We are beings of energy. We are always drawing energy in AND releasing energy out, both in our Yoga practice, and in our daily lives. It's the continuous flow that is the important part! The lessons of duality are all around us. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t know joy if you’ve never known sadness. The challenge is to accept these opposites as equally important, and to avoid labeling one or the other as good or bad. We need both! There is a Native American quote that depicts this beautifully, “What if I told you that the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird?” There is no point to avoiding the ups and downs. We are here to experience both. Maybe you can find comfort one day knowing that every hard moment enables a wonderful one! ...AND you can find balance in your life when you HUG IN to your center, and also RADIATE OUT! Both. It's a good thing we train for that! 😉😃✌☯ So don't sweat those decisions ! There's actually lots of right ways AND wrong ways to do it! Find your center as you HUG IN & RADIATE OUT and work from there. ☯️

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