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Integrate Your Foundations

Ready to kick off the New Year and start something new, but not sure where to take action?? Any time we start something new, we start at the very foundation and build from there. In Yoga we refer to our Foundations as the parts of our practice that help ground us and keep us steady. Physically, this refers to the parts of you that interact with the Earth, which during practice is mostly your hands and feet. Baptiste Yoga includes your core as an integral part of this as well, being one of the bandhas or forces we can hug into. Energetically, your foundation refers to the parts of your practice that keep you mentally solid and grounded, like your consistent asana practice and daily meditation. Baptiste Yoga teaches us that the Foundation of any solid structure begins with small simple structures and builds upon them. To create this connection in our body, we explore our connection to Earth. We press into our hands and feet, as we lift up into our core. We integrate our muscle action with the solid framework of our bones. Accessing our foundation helps us to be present in the moment, to witness to our own strength. By building a strong foundation we have support to go further both on our mat and in our lives. It’s this support that carries us in time of uncertainty or struggle. Our strong foundation gives us self-confidence to press on and allows us to navigate challenging situations while having faith that we are capable of handling it. Even if we don’t know how, we know we can get through it if our Foundation is strong. Join me for a powerful Meditation practice, The Pillar of Power, to help build a strong Foundation for your life!

The Pillar of Power Align your energy and build a strong Foundation for your practice and your life.

Remember , we put the work into building a strong Foundation so that when troubles arise we are stronger than they are!!

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